The Installation
The Installation

Realization of an interactive audio system for a multimedia art installation. This work is composed of a wooden anthropomorphic sculpture with 7 loudspeakers placed inside, each of them representing a chakra point. Each “chakra” has its own distinctive sounds played in loop, controllable through the use of a user interface, a MIDI controller [Novation Launchpad]

When the user presses a button on the controller associated with a chakra sound, it triggers the evolution of the associated audio track, which decays after a specifc amount of time if not stimulated again.

The user interface is made more intuitive to use through a light feedback on the controller’s buttons. Whenever a “chakra” is active, its associated button is lit. Other keys of the controller are associated with activations of audio effects, that affects the active tracks.

With these controls, the user can entirely manipulate every sound from every “chakra” instinctively, thanks to the grid nature of the used controller. In addition to the seven chakras there is an eighth controllable audio channel that drives a subwoofer speaker, that represents the Man’s connection with the earth, with its own audio tracks.


2015 –

ONArt Gallery, Florence, IT.

Il Corpo/La Luce/Il Suono, Florence, IT.