Michele Abolaffio is a live electronics performer, sound engineer and interface developer.
He holds a BA degree in Music and New Technologies from the Conservatory of Firenze “L. Cherubini” and a Master of Music degree in “Instruments & Interfaces” at the Institute of Sonology in The Hague and STEIM Institute in Amsterdam.
He is currently working as intern in the STEIM Institute on hardware and software prototyping under supervision of Frank Baldé and Fedde Ten Berge.
His artistic and technological research focuses on the development of biophysical musical instruments for live performance.
He is part of the Twelve Lab collective, a laboratory dedicated to sound productions.
He collaborated as live electronics performer with the Music School of Fiesole. He develops interactive sound installations integrated into sculptures together with an artists collective. As musician, he joined various projects related to modern electronic and rock music. He is a freelance live sound engineer.
In 2016 he wins the ADE SoundLab grant for the live performance Synaesthesia.
In 2017 receives an Honorary Mention from Matera/Intermedia Festival for the performance with the ensemble Miloš Cathals.
From 2017 he is a sound engineer and production assistant for the Ephémère series of Studio LOOS in Den Haag.
From 2017 he is a string instrument dealer in the Netherlands for Liuteria Toscana, a Tuscan luthiers association producing high-quality professional instruments.


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