Sensor and electronics design for interactive installation by Andreas Kuhne. Interplay / Mesh / Entanglements is an interactive object based on an electroacoustic environment that responds to the visitor’s interactive, or passive, presence through integrated electronic design in the form of triggers and laser sensors.



Motor control system development for sound installation “BROM” by Mariska de Groot. I designed and built a control system for 15 motor-driven humming tops. The system is capable of receiving control data from USB-MIDI from Ableton Live, or to play back a composition from SD card.

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THUNDERDOME is a live performance for wooden resonant interface, bio-physical sensors, reactive lights and a 24 channel immersive speaker system. The performer establishes with his body a resonant dialogue with the wood interface, projecting and shaping the sonic environment through gestures and muscular tension.   The performance is the end result of a residency offered…


Cathedral Of Thorns

Sensor development for interactive sound installation in the Cathedral of Thorns, in Curaçao. The Cathedral of Thorns is a full building-sized illuminated labyrinth on the Caribbean island of Curaçao. The installation called “The Cathedral Sings” developed with IOM-AIM Research involved motorised distance sensors and several speakers hung on the cathedral’s structure to permeate with an…

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UNMUTE Installation

Promotional installation for the UNMUTE production. The installation reacts to presence and gestures, revealing lost and endangered languages through sound. Concept, design and realization: Michele Abolaffio Built at STEIM, Amsterdam. Made with Bela

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Sensor system and sound technique for UNMUTE: musicdance performance about the human need to be heard 3 dancers and 2 percussionists wearing sensors on their bodies bring into being a landscape of voices and sounds expressing the need to be heard The sensor system transmits data from 5 performers wearing Myo Gesture Armbands to a…

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Pulse//Wave Installation

Pulse//Wave – Installation – 2020 Pulse//Wave is a sound installation that explores the sonic nature of bodies and objects. It invites the audience to connect themselves to an external structure and establish an intimate dialogue through sound, tactility and light.

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Pulse//Wave – sound performance – 2019 Pulse//Wave explores the sonic nature of bodies and objects. Two performers are challenged to tame material’s sound behaviour. Resonances are amplified and exposed through excitation and interaction. Hidden patterns reveal themselves through sound: matter and flesh become instruments.

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The Body Imitates the Landscape

Design and realization of fifteen interactive systems for the exhibition “The Body Imitates the Landscape” by Adi Hollander. The work is part of The OtherAbilities Festival, happened on 1-3 March 2019 in Broedplaats LELY, Amsterdam. The interactive systems are responsible for playing back and amplify special multichannel compositions that utilize as the transmitting medium water…

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Bass Motion OSC Controller

Design and realization of a motion-based controller for Bass guitar for LEDEN (Daniele Fabris). The device, mountable on the back head of the guitar between the tuning pegs senses the orientation and movement of the instrument and sends OSC data via WI-FI to the musician’s computer. The data is then interpreted by MAX/MSP and Ableton…

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Pentacle Controllers

For the Amsterdam Museum Night 2018 me and the research group at STEIM (Daniele Fabris, Fedde Ten Berge, Andreas Tegnander) created motion-based wireless controllers for the Pentacle System 15.3. With these controllers, the audience can play electronic music themselves and experience it in a spatial sound configuration. The users can play with a total of…

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Portrait – interactive sound installation. 2018. [Work in Progress] Portrait invites an exploration of the influence of touch. If touch is one’s only means of expression, what will it want to say? Will the other be able to understand? Touch can open a dialogue, it can give information that are cealed to other means, can…

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Awaken – interactive sound installation. 2018. Awaken explores the relationship between instincts and conscious thinking. What is the influence of the natural impulses over the rational? Awaken narrates its struggle to the viewer, seeking his/her attention through its actions. The viewer is invited to touch the skin of Awaken, forcing a shift in the balance…

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Karada, Maze Festival

Design and realization of five interactive systems for the exhibition “Karada” by Adi Hollander. The work is part of the “Maze Festival” and displayed from the 18th until the 20th of May 2018 at Splendor, Amsterdam. The interactive systems are responsible for playing back special multichannel compositions that utilize as the transmitting medium water mattresses…

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SD MIDI Player

Firmware and hardware development for a SD card based MIDI file player for installation purposes, requested by Sagi Groner for his installation Skin Vibrations. The device reads on loop a MIDI file loaded on a SD card and outputs MIDI commands via the MIDI connector. In the exhibition the device was used to control a…

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My City Is Silence

Design and realization of three interactive installations systems for the exhibition “My City Is Silence” by Adi Hollander. The work is part of the exhibition “Resonant” curated by Zone2Source and displayed from March 18 2018 to May 6 2018 at Het Glazen Huis in Amstelpark, Amsterdam. The interactive systems are responsible for playing back special…

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Miloš Cathals

Miloš Cathals is an improvisational quartet dedicated to the concepts of feedback, synergy and self- organisation. It consists of four interconnected systems, each bringing a different scope of live electronics to the table; bio-sensors, modular synthesisers and generative stochastic algorithms are being integrated into a larger system. Every agent’s choices lead to changes that shift…

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Synaesthesia is a live electronics solo performance involving biophysical sensors and active lighting. Synaesthesia aims to explore the musical and corporeal performance practice built upon the active stimulation of the senses of sight, hearing and the perception of the muscles. The performance is based on a synesthetic system composed of wearable sensors that respond both…

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Music Box

Design for custom speakers for a sound installation commissioned by Josuè Amador and funded by Gemeente Rotterdam. The installation took place in Provenierstunnel on the side of Rotterdam Central Station, and consisted of a interactive sound “walk” to be activated by the bike riders while they travel through the tunnel. The custom speakers contained all…

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Light Painting

Light painting, or light drawing, is a photographic technique in which exposures are made by moving a hand-held light source while taking a long exposure photograph, either to illuminate a subject or to shine a point of light directly at the camera, or by moving the camera itself during exposure.   Realization of a video…

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Realization of a soundscape and interactive light system for an installation. This installation is made of a sculpture resembling an exploded tree and a crucifix built with scrap metal, and a sound and light accompanying system. The light system has a proximity sensor that makes the illumination of the sculpture react to the distance of…

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Dream: Synergy Manipulation

Realization of an interactive audio system for a multimedia art installation. This work is composed of a wooden anthropomorphic sculpture with 7 loudspeakers placed inside, each of them representing a chakra point. Each “chakra” has its own distinctive sounds played in loop, controllable through the use of a user interface, a MIDI controller [Novation Launchpad]…

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Realization of a soundscape for an audio/visual wooden installation. This work represents an ancient Drakkar, made of chinese chopsticks and a Bonsai tree. Inside the ship it is hidden a sound diffusion system that reproduces a composed 7 minutes audio track. The composed track wants to convey the idea of a natural and historical soundscape…

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